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  •  You must be a current PSA Sno-King Member to enter this contest!

    Kids Division- must be 15 and under at the time the fish is caught.

    All the same rules as the adult division. 

    Good Luck!

    Catch a big fish in Washington State or Surrounding waters!

    · The fish must be one of the species listed below.

    · Fish must caught by hook and line angling only.

    · All contestants must fish in accordance with the current WDFW fishing regulations.

    · All contestants must be a PSA Sno-King member.

    · The member must have a current paid membership at the time of catching the fish.

    · The fish must be hooked, fought and landed by a PSA Sno-King member (except netting, harpooning or gaffing) The member may have help fighting the fish only by another PSA Sno-King member in which case both members names will be placed on the plaque as co-winners.

    · If fishing outside of Washington State, you must launch and land your boat on the same day at a Washington State boat launch and you must follow the regulations for that particular jurisdiction.

    · Fish not caught legally will be disqualified.

    · You may place in more than one division, but not place more than once in each division.

    · The decisions of legality, length and weight will be final and binding and determined by the PSA Sno-King Board of Directors. If a board member is entered in any of the divisions top 3 fish they will not be allowed to influence any decision regarding legality if a dispute arises in that particular division.

    To enter a fish for the big fish contest you must;


    Provide a picture showing a tape measurement of overall length and girth on Chinook or Coho salmon. Length should me measured from tip of the mouth to the tip of the tail and the numbers on the tape must be readable. Girth should be measured by circling the tape snugly around the salmons mid-section just in front of the dorsal fin with the numbers on the tape readable at the intersect point on the tape. These measurements will be used to verify the fish weight. Please also provide an accurate weight. All Salmon will be calculated at the weight based on the Length/Girth calculator on Piscatorial Pursuits. This calculation is not always accurate but all salmon will be weighed using this method for 2012. Your actual scale weight may differ from these results!

    Here is the link to the PP calculator;

    Halibut and Ling Cod

    Provide a picture of the overall length from tip of the mouth to the tip of the tail on Halibut and Ling Cod. The tape must be readable. Please provide an accurate weight if possible. Halibut and Ling Cod will be rated by length measurement chart to determine weight. Weight charts are on the contest home page.

    Albacore Tuna Measuring

    Provide a picture of the overall length from tip of the mouth to the FORK (center) of the tail on Albacore Tuna. The tape must be readable. Please provide an accurate weight if possible. Albacore Tuna will be rated by length measurement chart to determine weight.
    The weight chart is viewable on the contest home page.


    We will need a photo in Jpeg format showing the fisherman holding the fish to place on the plaque.

    Take lots of pictures!!!
    Portrait or Landscape will work either way on a plaque.

    e-mail all pictures to Ron Garner and or Tim Stumpf at the following




    plaques will be for the 3 biggest fish in each division listed below;

    A certificate, suitable for framing, will be provided for places 4-10 

    ***** Chinook ***** Coho***** Halibut ***** Ling Cod *****Albacore Tuna*****

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